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Ascent for Alzheimer’s 2015, Kibo Hut

The peak is so close! The 2015 Ascent for Alzheimer’s team is beyond excited to reach the summit, propelled by the well-wishes of everybody back home. Flashes of bright sunlight urge them forward, through the fog – a quiet reminder, like the change in altitude mirroring the experience of people living with the disease. There is more to a person than a diagnosis of dementia.

Hear what the team has to say about the journey:

The team arrived at Kibo Hut this afternoon. They’ll be leaving tonight to make the final push to Uhuru Peak. Every step they take is in support of thousands of British Columbians impacted by dementia, and every dollar they raise goes toward education, support services and research. You can still donate to the Ascent team members like Erika and Kim Durlacher.

And while our team breathe in that strange mountain air, closer to home dedicated members of the community have shown support for them and for everyone on the dementia journey by taking part in the 2015 Mt. Kilimanjaro Grouse Grind for Alzheimer’s (MKGG). Because seven trips up the Grind equal one ascent to Uhuru Peak, participants are going up in teams of seven. The MKGG conjures the challenge of Ascent and requires a similar spirit of camaraderie, compassion and commitment.

The Ascent team called in this morning to wish everyone participating in MKGG good luck. Many of the team’s family members and friends joined us at Grouse Mountain, along with some of the amazing hikers from the last sixteen years of Ascent for Alzheimer’s.

With seven trips up Grouse Mountain roughly equal to what our intrepid Ascent are so close to achieving, we invite people to show their support for the team by hiking the Grind. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. this morning at the base.

Tomorrow they reach the summit!

Sept 27

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