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Ascent for Alzheimer’s 2015, Kikilewa Cave

Mawenzi Tarn in the distance.

After a short – but steep! – climb, the Ascent team has made it to Kikilewa Cave, they’ve reached 12,000 feet. Their next stop is Mawenzi Tarn, where they will stay for two nights to give themselves time to adjust.

At this point in the expedition, hikers can only absorb half the oxygen they would at sea-level. When they reach Mawenzi Tarn, To ensure they continue to enjoy their experience, they’ll be staying at Mawenzi Tarn longer to acclimatize. Although some are starting to feel the effects of altitude a little, they are all still healthy and are keeping up their appetites.

They are still experiencing great weather and say they are taking some fantastic photographs that they can’t wait to share.

On the Ascent team this year is Kris Clarke – Kris is almost at her fundraising target! Help her reaching her goal by making a donation to a great cause!

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