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Ascent for Alzheimer’s 2015, Marangu Village

The 2015 Ascent for Alzheimer’s team – Jeff Campbell, Kris Clarke, Debbie Craig, Lorne DavidsonErika and Kim Durlacher, Doug Spencer and Lisa Heiberg – have arrived in Tanzania and are settling in at the Marangu Hotel.

The team checked in with us this morning (Pacific Standard Time), having spent their day exploring and mustering their strength in Marangu Village. They also prepared themselves for the Ascent to come by meeting with one of the local guides, who briefed them on the trip. Now they’re due their very last night sleeping in beds for the next week!

Press play below to hear the team’s first call and their take on viewing Mt. Kilimanjaro for the first time!

Tomorrow, the team will set out by jeep to Nale Moru Gate (6,000 feet) and then start their hike towards First Cave, where they’ll spend their first night on the mountain.

As our hikers set out, don’t forget: fundraising never ends. They’re making the trip to help fund support services, education and research into the disease, but also to raise awareness about the realities of it. Dementia is not a natural part of aging. The more people understand the disease, the easier it is to live well with it.

A great way to show your support as the Ascent team makes the journey is by donating to one of our hikers! Learn more about why someone like Jeff Campbell of Nanaimo B.C. is hiking and donate to the cause.

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