Ascent Highlights

Canadians have participated in Ascent for Alzheimer’s since 1998. Each team member is remarkable for making the journey and for their commitment to making a difference for those impacted by dementia. Some team members are notable because of their prominence within their communities, because they were living with dementia at the time of their Ascent, or because of their exceptional dedication to reaching for the top. Please see below for some iconic moments.


Martin and Esther Kafer, are awarded the Guinness World Record for oldest man and woman to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Ed Arnold becomes the first Ascent team member to make the hike twice. In 2005, Ed hiked with his son Ryan.


This year, we had two teams make the Ascent.


Team included Elaine Wright, who was living with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Also on the team was Elaine’s son Cameron, then 16, who is the youngest person to have joined an Ascent team.


Veteran CBC reporter and host Susan Ormiston joined the Ascent team.


B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, who was then the Opposition Leader, and his family made the Ascent, inspiring many people. The team also included Tamara Porier, who filmed the documentary A Journey to Remember during the trek.


The inaugural Ascent for Alzheimer’s team included Bruce Allen, manager of artists like Bryan Adams, Michael Bublé and Martina McBride.